In my dreams I saw my grandmother

whom I met for the very first time 

as deep as the atlantic ocean, she gazed at me and said 

I hope your love tints the world

my daughter, ptit mwen (creole for 'my child')

you are my wildest dreams

I am the answered prayers of my ancestors 

I am exactly what my mother prayed for,,

on knees before sunrise 

She prayed not that I could be excellent 

but that I would live a life without suffering 

that I could just be 

all the things she was not able to be in the hopes that I can be 

her mother did the same 

and the mother of her mother did the very same

their tears watered this foreign soil

so that one day I could be offered flowers just because, 

I am

Everything that is beautiful has a consequence 

I am my ancestors wildest dreams

Planted and birthed by the moon on foreign soil

I carry my ancestors soul 

my magic comes from my mother’s tongue that gave meaning to the word freedom

my magic comes from the hming praise songs my mother sang to Yawyeh

She and all the ones before her 

She in all her pain is the reason that I am

my ancestors wildest dreams

I use to only write about sorrow

my body remembered my grandmother whom I never met 

I feel her presence

her past is a memory that I carry

because, damn it, she deserves that, at least

to be remembered 

everything beautiful has a consequence

they are, 

and all those before me 

parts of me and I of them 

their past is my own memories 

while daydreaming

my grandmother saw me

in a field of flowers

hming praises song to Yawyeh 

she said to me I hope the world never tints you

but rather you tint the world in shades of brown 

my daughter. ptit mwen (creole for 'my child')

you are my living dream